WatchBuds - The Smart Watch with Built-In Bluetooth HeadPhones

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What are WatchBuds?

WatchBuds is the bridge between SmartWatches and BlueTooth Earbuds. They're two accessories that help make our lives more entertaining so we had to come up with a design that brought everything together.

So what comes with WatchBuds?

WatchBuds have everything you need built within something small enough to fit on your wrist. The following is everything that KakaFit provides.

WatchBuds - The Smart Watch with Built-In Bluetooth HeadPhones

A Watch with Wireless BlueTooth Headphones

The  WatchBuds contains hidden Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds underneath the watch's display. While they're sitting in your watch, they'll automatically charge off the watch's battery. Once you're ready to listen to music, simply pop open your watch and the earbuds will automatically connect with your phone
The Earbuds and the Watch are compatible with any iPhone with IOS 8 or newer and any Android with version 4.4 or newer.
WatchBuds - The Smart Watch with Built-In Bluetooth HeadPhones

The Watch can read your HeartRate, Blood Pressure, and More

The Headphones aren't the only thing special about the WatchBuds. With  WatchBuds you're able to read your HeartRate, Blood Pressure, how many steps you've taken, calories burned, and distance traveled all while being a normal watch. 
WatchBuds - The Smart Watch with Built-In Bluetooth HeadPhones 

Ergonomic EarBuds with Touch-Controls

The Earbuds are also special to  WatchBuds. The Earbuds are Ergonomic meaning they're designed for full-day comfort while doing activities so they won't give you an annoying pain in your ear. 
The Earbuds are also capable of much more including taking and answering calls, pausing and playing music, asking Siri a question, and Volume control all with the touch of a button (Each option is activated by different presses and holds).
WatchBuds - The Smart Watch with Built-In Bluetooth HeadPhones

Water-Resistant, not WaterProof

WatchBuds are resistant to water but not waterproof. For Example, no damage can occur to your earbuds or watch if you're washing your hands, walking in the rain or if someone spills a liquid on it. It will break if you go swimming, take a shower, or if it completely submerges in water.
WatchBuds - The Smart Watch with Built-In Bluetooth HeadPhones

Connect to the KakaFit Phone App for Detailed Analytics

WatchBuds also has a compatible phone app that is found on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app is called, "KakaFit" and once you sync it with your watch, you'll be able to see detailed analytics of all the information the KakaFit collects including your history from past recordings and days.
Battery Life
The Battery life on the WatchBuds is capable of playing music for 4 hours until you have to put them back into the case to charge. The watch itself lasts for 3 days of constant use and it stands by for 10-15 days.


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